Oggetti Lenti

This time, for Design Gallery Milano,  I have designed a collection of vases, lamps, boxes,
Centrepieces, furniture and also structures  whose functions are not precisely defined. For
The  realization of these  objects I chose various materials: ceramic, natural wood, painted wood, white marble, cast bronze, stainless steel,  lacquered metal,  blown glass.  I named
This collection “oggetti lenti” (Slow Objects), in reference to the slowness with which I designed them. In the process of drawing, this slowness emerged as the decisive element in the poetry of these objects. I drew objects to be used, contemplated and touched; sophisticated, dense, calm, posed. They belong to a suspended, or at least a slower, time. Their sense resides in the proposition of slowing down, a breath, a pause, instead of acceleration. This is the poetic as well as the political dimension of these objects, infinitely different from the world of merchandise. These objects are equally part of our physical and mental reality. They are present while seeming detached from this world, they are both concrete and abstract, their presence is simultaneously concise and undecided. The “Oggetti Lenti” occupy an indeterminate place between what already exists, what is still unfamiliar to us. These “Slow Objects” gradually find their place in the uncertainty of our present time.

Pierre Charpin, 2005